Jockey Box Parts and Accessories

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Parts and accessories for maintaining or DIY Jockey Boxes

Discover everything you need to build and maintain your draft beer jockey box with our comprehensive selection of high-quality parts. From cooling coils to faucets, regulators to shanks, we've got you covered with the essential components for a top-notch mobile beer dispensing experience.

Cooling Coils: Jockey box coil is the key cooling component in a jockey box. Stainless steel coils designed to efficiently chill beer from keg to faucet, ensuring refreshing, ice-cold pours.

Cold Plates: Jockey Box Cold Plates have multiple SS lines in a small amount of space and are an alternative to using coils. Durable plates for even distribution of cold temperatures throughout your jockey box system, ensuring rapid chilling and consistent pours.

Wall couplings, Shanks and Fittings: Secure connections between cooling coils, faucets, and beer lines to minimize leaks and ensure reliability.

Faucets: Choose from standard, European, or stout faucets for precise flow control and minimal foam.

Regulators: Maintain consistent pressure levels with single or dual gauge regulators for optimal performance.

Beer Line Tubing: Food-grade tubing available in various diameters to accommodate different flow rates and serving setups.

Accessories: Essential extras like drip trays, CO2 tanks, and keg couplers to customize and optimize your setup according to your needs.

With our range of top-quality draft beer jockey box parts, you can serve up cold, delicious brews wherever the occasion calls for it, from backyard parties to outdoor events and beyond.