Keg Couplers and Parts

Keg couplers and parts

A keg coupler also known as sankey tap taps your keg and gets the beer flowing. Keg couplers push pressurized gas into the keg which enables the beverage to be pushed out. Typically, CO2, nitrogen, or a mix of these is used for this purpose. Pay attention to the gas-in line and beverage out-line when making connections. ( you can find these on the sankey probe and on top of the coupler, respectively ) Once the coupler is attached to the keg engage the probe by pulling the handle out and then pushing it down. This causes the probe to tap into the keg.

There are various kinds of sankey keg couplers used worldwide, and your choice of coupler depends on the beer keg you are tapping. D style keg-couplers, also known as American sankey keg coupler, is primarily used in the United States and is compatible with most American kegs. American sankey couplers are our most common bought item, but we do sell other types of couplers, sankey or otherwise.

Commonly used Keg couplers in the US:
1. D System - For most American kegs (American Sankey Style)
2. S System – European Sankey
3. A System – German Slider Style
4. M System – Similar to the German slider but with a different probe
5. G System – Grundy
6. U System – Used by Guinness, Harp etc.
7. Homebrew – Plastic disconnects for Cornelius or other soda kegs.

We also carry sanky tap parts that you need to repair your keg coupler. The most common parts that you might need are sanky tap bottom seals, gas check valves, tail pieces, etc.

Draft Warehouse carries high-quality commercial, NSF approved grade couplers that can be used in any bar, events, or home use. Our stainless-steel probe couplers are made with 304 grade SS and can be used for beer, wine, or any other beverages.