Regulators and Air Distributors

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2 - 10 Way, 5/16" Barb, CO2 Distributor (Select a Size )Bev Rite Draft Warehouse
2 Way CO2 Distributor 5/16 barbs3 Way CO2 Distributor 5/16 barbs4 Way CO2 Distributor 5/16 barbs5 Way CO2 Distributor 5/16 barbs6 Way CO2 Distributor 5/16 barbs7 Way CO2 Distributor 5/16 barbs8 Way CO2 Distributor 5/16 barbs10 Way CO2 Distributor 5/16 barbs
2 - 10 Way, 3/8" Barb, CO2 Distributor (Select a Size) - Bev Rite Draft Warehouse
3/8" 2 Way CO2 Distributor3/8" 3 Way CO2 Distributor3/8" 4 Way CO2 Distributor3/8" 5 Way CO2 Distributor3/8" 6 Way CO2 Distributor3/8" 7 Way CO2 Distributor3/8" 8 Way CO2 Distributor3/8" 10 Way CO2 Distributor
2 - 10 Way 1/4" MFL CO2 Distributor, (Select Size), BevRite Draft Warehouse
2 Way CO2 Distributor 1/4" MFL3 Way CO2 Distributor 1/4" MFL4 Way CO2 Distributor 1/4" MFL5 Way CO2 Distributor 1/4" MFL6 Way CO2 Distributor 1/4" MFL7 Way CO2 Distributor 1/4" MFL8 Way CO2 Distributor 1/4" MFL10 Way CO2 Distributor 1/4" MFL
Flojet Water Pressure Regulator, Inline - Select A Size Draft Warehouse
30 PSI 1/4 Bar15 PSI 3/8 Barb30 PSI 3/8 Barb

Regulators and Air Distributors

CO2 tanks, nitrogen tanks and regulators are an important investment and required tools to get the perfect draft pour. The right kind of gas at the right pressure is one of the most important things for operating any draft beer, wine, or nitro coffee system.

CO2 is used to dispense most of the beers and produce more bubbles in the drink; think Bud Light, Corona or any mild Ale. Nitrogen is used for stouts to give them their more creamy and rich textures. In addition to CO2 and Nitrogen Cylinders (empty), we at Draft Warehouse, carry CO2 and Nitrogen cartridges.

The standard is a 5 lbs cylinder as they’re optimized in both weight and size and last long enough for most home settings and small setup. Larger cylinders such as 10 lbs, 20 lbs are also available. Our small cartridges come in 70 gram CO2 cartridges and 26 gram Nitrogen cartridge.

You’ll also need a CO2 or nitrogen primary regulator which will help you monitor and adjust the PSI and gas flow which is crucial to dispense your beer, wine or coffee. Primary regulators mount on a tank (tank mount regulator). We offer a variety of products like High Pressure C02 Regulators, 0-60 lbs CO2 regulators, pass through secondary regulators and gas manifold distributors. We also sell replacement beer regulator gauges, gauge guards, CO@ tank wrenches, adaptors, Foam on Beer Detectors (FOBS), etc. for all your draft beer, wine, coffee, or brewing needs.

Look for secondary regulators (single or chained) to adjust pressure to each line separately. Gas manifolds (air distributor) can also be used to distribute gas to each line.