Beer Tower Extension - Single to Double

▪ Converts single into a double faucet tower.
▪ Includes drill bit and screws.
▪ Includes shank for the new line.
▪ Chrome plated brass.
▪ Column shank included.
▪ Run a new beer line from the shank.
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This extension fits over a standard 3" diameter column to add 1 faucet to a single faucet tower. (Convers single to a double faucet tower). Includes drill bit and screws needed for installation. Remove the existing line and shank from the tower. Bottom part of the extension covers the existing shank hole on the tower. Use the included drill bit to drill 3 holes towards the top of your existing tower (making sure that the bottom part of extension will cover the existing shank hole in the tower). Then slide over the extension and tighten the included screws, matching the screw holes in the extension and the tower. Use the existing shank and line on one of the shank holes in the extension. Run a new line from the new shank in the extension. Use existing tower cap on the extension and that's it.
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