Double Faucet Jockey Box coil cooler 120' coil

- SS 304 coils, double wound for low profile and more Ice.
- 100' of 3/8” OD and 20' of 1/4” OD coil.
- 48 quart Coleman Cooler
- Leak Proof Construction with Water Tight Connections.
- Recessed drain plug allows for drainage of excess water inside the cooler.
- Cooler Color may vary.
- Completely Assembled. Just attach the included faucet and handle and its ready.
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This high quality cooler is fitted with 120' of Stainless Steel coil. 100' of 3/8" OD and 20' of 1/4" OD coil makes it a perfectly balanced system for a smooth flow of beverage. Fitted with wall coupling ,shank and washer for leak proof setup. Includes chrome plated brass faucet and faucet knob. We construct our Jockey Boxes in high quality Coleman Coolers. Connections between Coupling and Coils are made with Beer Nut, Ferrule and special grommet.

Great for event dispensing.
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