1 Faucet Tower Conversion Kit - 3" Tower

Configure your kit:
- Basic Kit Includes the following:
    ▪ 3.0” diameter Draft Beer Tower with 5' hose and connections.
    ▪ Faucet Wrench.
    ▪ Connections from Sankey to the Regulator.
    ▪ Clamps
    ▪ 6”x5” High Quality Drip Tray
- Add the following items as needed to complete your kit (Selection available below):
    ▪ CO2 Cylinder
    ▪ CO2 Regulator
    ▪ Keg coupler (Select the right type you want).

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This kit contains everything that you need to convert your refrigerator into a draft beer dispensing system. The basic kit includes Draft Beer Tower, , Wrench, Drip Tray and connections from Sankey to Shank and to the Regulator. You can add on CO2 Tank, Regulator and Sankey Tap (Keg coupler).
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