2 product Refrigerator Conversion Kit

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- Basic Kit Includes the following:
    ▪ 2 x Beer Faucet
    ▪ 2 x 4” Shank with nipple.
    ▪ 1 x Faucet Wrench.
    ▪ 2 x Keg coupler D System.
    ▪ 2 x Connections from Sankey to Shank and to the Regulator.
    ▪ 6 x Clamps
    ▪ 10”x6” High Quality Drip Tray
- This above parts can be used to add on a line to an existing system or for a new system.
- Add the following items as needed to complete your kit (Selection available below):
    ▪ CO2 Cylinder
    ▪ CO2 Regulator

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This kit contains everything that you need to convert your refrigerator into a draft beer dispensing system. The basic kit includes 2Beer Faucets, 2 Shanks, Wrench, 2 Sankeys (D) system ,Drip Tray and connections from Sankey to Shank and to the Regulator. You can add on CO2 Tank and Regulator.
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