Easy Beer Line Cleaning Attachment

• No need to disconnect faucets every time you clean.
• Attach your beer line cleaning kit (not included) to this gadget and clean lines from Sankey to faucet
• Save time Clean easily and quickly
• Also works great for cleaning party pumps including Uber Tap
• Instructions included
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Add to your existing line cleaning kit to clean without disconnecting faucets. Also works great to clean party pumps. One end of this kit connects to keg coupler (sankey) and other end connects to almost any existing beer line cleaning kit. Just disconnect sankey from keg and connect it to this attachment. Then pump cleaning liquid from sankey, through beer line, to faucet. Rinse in the same manner and you're done. No need to disconnect and connect faucets each time you clean. Clean Jockey boxes, party pumps and Uber Tap in the same way. High quality metal parts.
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Brand Bev Rite
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