Uber Tap 3 way Keg Tap, D Sankey with mini CO2

• No Pumping Required. Just hookup and pour from 3 faucets at the same time.
• Includes 2 of the 74 gram CO2 Cartridges. (Enough for 1/2 barrel)
• No wastage of left over beer.
• Adjustable mini regulator allows for beer to be poured at right pressure.
• D System coupler included.
• Tri-splitter allows dispensing from three faucets at once.
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This is the best way to pour beer at an event or a party. 3 faucets allow beer to be poured quickly and is the perfect solution for long lines. CO2 pushes beer at a constant rate without the need for pumping. Because you're pumping CO2 and not air in the keg, left over beer can still be used for many more days without going bad. Includes everything you'll need to dispense beer from a keg. No special tools or skills required. D system Sankey (included) works on most American beer kegs.
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