BIB Rack 3 Box wide Inclined Shelf With Glide Panels - 39" W

$55.95 USD
  • 39"W X 17"D X 12"H to hold three boxes.
  • Inclined Shelf
  • Includes glide panels on the shelves for easy pump installation and replacement.
  • Hose management holes in the shelf's front and rear rail prevent tube kinking that restricts syrup flow and makes BIB pumps work harder. Each oval hole accommodates two 3/8” BIB tubes.
  • Connect multiple shelves to create a complete rack. Shelf connectors included when buying multiple shelves of the same size.
  • Made with heavy-duty metal for stability and durability.
  • NSF Certified.
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39"W X 17"D X 12"H to hold three Bag in Box syrup boxes and has an inclined shelf.