6" Deep Stainless Steel Drip Tray with Drain and Rinser - Select Size

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  • SS304, commercial grade construction 
  • Includes Drain and Rinser
  • Glass Water Rinser sprays water into a glass and helps to clean and chill the glass before pouring beer
  • Comes with a 3.5" long drain nipple with a 1/2" diameter
  • The rinser includes a 1/2" NPT threaded fitting. A 3/8" barb nipple is also provided and either one can be used.
  • See the description below for more specifications
  • Select a size below (From 18 inches to 36 inches long)

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18" x 6" with Drain and Rinser
24" x 6" with Drain and Rinser
30" x 6" with Drain and Rinser
36" x 6" with Drain and Rinser
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6" Wide Drip Trays provide a good amount of coverage with a reasonable cost.

Glass water rinser provides a quick and effective way to rinse glasses between pours. They remove any residual beer or soap residue, ensuring a clean and fresh glass for each serving. It also enhances the head retention on beer.

The drain is Centered along the length and offset along the width (1-1/2" into the width).

The rinser is Centered along the length and width.