Nitro Infuser AGM - Single Draft Warehouse

Nitro Infuser AGM - Single

$595.00 USD $549.00 USD

- Infuses single line

- Single gas input

- Internal technology to manage gas distribution

- Multi Vortex Mixing Chambers - facilitates proper infusion of beverages

- Nitrogen Control System (NCS) - superior control over nitrogen infusion

- Thermal Retention Media - maintains consistent beverage temperature

- Installs in any kegerator or draft system

- Nitro Infuse beverages including Tea, Wine, Chai

- Tea Latte, Energy Drink, and much more

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Looking to pour the Perfect Nitro Cold Brew? The Nitro Infuser AGM empowers your kegerator and turns it into a nitro cold brew dispensing machine. Easily installs in a matter of minutes you’ll quickly impress your customers with an amazing nitro infused beverage. Nitro Infuser’s “AGM” or Advanced Gas Management system streamlines your install and reduces clutter inside the kegerator. The built-in Nitrogen Control System or “NCS Valve” allows you the ultimate control over the gas infusion levels while providing a consistent dispense time and time again.
A wide range of beverages can be infused with the Nitro Infuser AGM. Today’s customers are looking for far more than traditional nitro infused cold brew coffee. Expand your menu options with highly profitable nitro infused teas, tea lattes, chai teas, made to order energy drinks, refreshers, mocktails, cocktails and more.


L 7.574” x W 1.180” x D 2.322”