Wall Mount Hanging Drip Tray 8" Deep - With Rinser (Select a size) Draft Warehouse

Wall Mount Hanging Drip Tray 8" Deep - With Rinser (Select a size)

From $379.50 USD
  • Includes glass water rinser and a drain
  • Backsplash is 14”
  • Tray is 8” deep
  • Made of 304-grade Stainless Steel
  • Select the appropriate width of the tray below
  • Holes are 3” apart from center to center (Can be customized).
  • Specify the number of shank holes required (If different than the standard listed)

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Wall Mount Tray Length: Choose an option

24" long (8 holes standard)
30" long (10 holes standard)
36" long (12 holes standard)
48" long (16 holes standard)
60" long (20 holes standard)
76" long (25 holes standard)
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These wall mount drip trays come with a hanging drip tray and the panel is mounted using shanks that are tightened on the back side of the wall.

8" Wide Drip Trays provide a good amount of coverage to ensure no splashing and has enough room to hold a glass or a pitcher.

Glass water rinser provides a quick and effective way to rinse glasses between pours. They remove any residual beer or soap residue, ensuring a clean and fresh glass for each serving. It also enhances the head retention on beer.