Watermelon / Pumpkin Tap Kit, Self Close Faucet Draft Warehouse

Watermelon / Pumpkin Tap Kit, Self Close Faucet

$32.91 USD
• Black Faucet handle included
• Premium quality chrome plated brass parts
• 1/4” bore shank included. Shank diameter is 7/8”
• Easy to assemble and tap Watermelon or Pumpkin
• Self closing faucet removes chance of spills. It shuts off automatically after pouring
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Great for outdoor or indoors. Simply hollow out your melon or pumpkin and cut a small hole (7/8") towards the bottom. Screw shank and faucet into the melon and secure nut by hand from the inside. Fill with your favorite cocktail and its all set. Pull faucet handle to dispense. Shuts off by itself once you let the handle go.