Draft Beer Towers

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Clamp on Tower Double Faucet Draft Warehouse

Clamp on Tower Double Faucet

$249.95 USD – $269.95 USD
Clamp on Tower Triple Faucet Draft Warehouse

Clamp on Tower Triple Faucet

$287.95 USD – $299.95 USD
Clamp on Tower Single Faucet Draft Warehouse

Clamp on Tower Single Faucet

$207.95 USD – $219.95 USD

Draft Beer Towers

A Draft beer Tower is not just the key component in dispensing a perfect glass of beer, it is also a design element in your bar. It should not only function perfectly but also add to the aesthetics of the room. We carry various styles of draft beer towers from single tap, double tap all the way to 48 tap systems. Not only that we can custom make any size or style of beer dispenser system. Our beer towers are made with highest quality materials and vary in style from modern clean looks to brewery pipe style and also some of the more traditional style dispensers.
Small bars including home bars typically use air cooled column beer towers with one two or three faucets. Our air cooled box T and Pass through towers start from 4 faucets and can have up to 16 faucets. Our brewery pipe beer towers are made with 3” or 4” pipes and are very popular among breweries and newer bars. These air cooled towers are best suited to be installed on direct draw box, kegerator or a short run from the walk-in cooler. Similarly, a wall mount beer dispenser can be installed directly on the walk-in cooler wall.
For most commercial setups, a long draw glycol cooled system works best. Our box T towers and double pedestal passthru towers or any of the pipe towers with glycol chilling are best suited for this purpose. We carry them in up to 48 faucets, but any size can be made to order. All our glycol cooled towers have stainless steel beer lines and are chilled with a copper line carrying glycol across an inbuilt cold block. This ensures a very consistent cooling for all the lines along with a completely insulated core to avoid sweating of the tower.

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