Wall Mount and Under Bar Dispensers

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Wall Mounted and Under Bar Beer Tap Towers and Dispensers

Wall mount beer towers and under bar mount beer towers and dispensers are a practical and stylish solution for a draft beer dispensing setup. These dispensers come in both air and glycol cooled configurations and are easy to install. A Wall mount tower installs into a wall and the lines can be tapped from the other side. These are available as a pipe wall mount dispenser or a box wall mount dispenser with a hanging drip tray. A built-in glass water rinser on the drip tray is also available. An underbar or under counter dispenser is similar but is mounted with the screws on top of the dispenser and goes under a bar or a counter. This helps in keeping the counter space open while giving easy access for pouring beer.
Air cooled wall mount beer systems are typically installed onto a walk-in cooler wall so that air from the cooler can flow through the dispenser and keep all the lines cooled. It can also be installed on a different wall in the bar as long as cool air can be pumped into the dispenser. Air cooled Under bar beer dispenser has similar needs for cold air to be pumped in.
Glycol cooled wall mount beer dispenser and under counter beer dispenser are used in commercial draft beer system setups. These come with stainless steel beer lines along with copper glycol lines that keep the complete cold block and all the lines at a consistent cool temperature. These can be used for long run commercial beer tap systems. An insulated beer trunk line ensures that the beverage stays cold up to the dispenser. Glycol is circulated in the tower in copper lines. Complete setup inside the dispenser is insulated by three layers of insulation ensuring minimum energy loss and no condensation.
Draft warehouse carries these wall mount towers in multiple configurations and sizes. Our 6 product, 8 product, 10 product and 12 product wall mount and underbar beer tap systems remain most popular.