Jockey Box and Parts

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50' Coil kit Draft Warehouse

50' Coil kit

$127.95 USD
70' Coil kit Draft Warehouse

70' Coil kit

$137.95 USD
120' Coil kit Draft Warehouse

120' Coil kit

$197.95 USD
Grommets for Cooling Coil Draft Warehouse
1/4" Grommet for Cooling Coil5/16" Grommet for Cooling Coil3/8" Grommet for Cooling Coil
SS304 Cooling Coil- 50' round Draft Warehouse

SS304 Cooling Coil- 50' round

$79.95 USD – $86.95 USD
SS304 Cooling Coil- 70' round Draft Warehouse

SS304 Cooling Coil- 70' round

$89.95 USD – $96.95 USD
SS304 Cooling Coil- 120' square Draft Warehouse

SS304 Cooling Coil- 120' square

$149.95 USD – $156.95 USD

Beer and Wine Jockey boxes and parts

Wish you had a portable kegerator? Well, jockey boxes are ideal for serving a cold glass of draft beer at your backyard party, camping trips, tailgating games or any other outdoor event where beer needs to be continuously chilled and flowing. Jockey boxes come in various sizes and are portable, so you can bring the party anywhere you like with whatever beverage you need to serve!

Jockey boxes have a cooling line inside which is kept cold with ice so when beer passes through it, it gets chilled. Jockey boxes with coils are most common though some are made with cold plates. Coils come in various lengths, and you can choose one based on the number of glasses you expect to serve every minute. For small-size parties a jockey box with a 50ft coil is best while a 70ft or 120ft coil should be used at larger events. These coils store more chilled beer and can serve more glasses while maintaining a good temperature. Choose between a 2 line, 3 line or 4 line jockey box with cooling coils. A jockey box with a cold plate can support more than 4 lines.

Our jockey boxes come completely assembled with a coupling on the back side to hookup your beer line, shanks and faucet on the front side to dispense beer. You will need a jumper line from your keg and other jockey box accessories like a CO2 tank, regulator, Sankey tap etc. to setup a complete system. We carry all these jockey box parts as an accessories kit.

You can buy jockey boxes as either high-quality plastic or steel belted bodies. Our jockey boxes are all made in the USA. We can customize these if needed. All the coil jockey boxes have 304-grade stainless steel coils. We also carry jockey boxes with all the SS coupling and faucets which makes all contact with beverage 304-grade stainless steel. You can custom your own jockey box with our conversion kit as well.

Select from one of our high-quality beer cooler jockey boxes or build your own with parts and jockey box build kits. Make a show at the next backyard party with Chill Passion’s Jockey Boxes!