Drip and Drain Pans

Drip trays and Pans

Drip and drain pans is a must for any draft beer setup. When choosing a beer tap drip tray make sure that the tray covers all the faucets while leaving an extra inch on each side and be deep enough to cover any drips. We carry a wide variety of stainless steel drip trays including countertop, surface, and wall mount drip trays. We also carry SS beer tap drip tray with a drain to hook up a drain line. Beer tap drip trays without beer tap drain work better for kegerators and other setups where you can pick up the tray and dump the contents.

In addition, we carry a wide range of wall mount beer tap drip trays to use on a refrigerator or hanging ones with shank holes to mount on the cooler wall. Our beer tap drip trays are made with heavy gauge stainless steel which allows it to be easy to clean and maintain. They’re so strong that they handle the weight of a full glass of beer without bending.

Our rinser drip trays comes with a glass rinser assembly and are perfect to rinse the glass just before pouring your beverage. A clean glass pours better and adds to the refreshing taste of beer. Rinser drip pans come with a water line hookup and a drain.

We can custom manufacture almost any size and style of drip trays. Contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for.